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Suzanne & Carls 1 Hour Katoomba Sights Tour.

We had a blast - thank you Syl for a great tour ! So much fun!

We picked Suzanne and Carl up from their hotel we then took them to great views on their trike tour of The Three Sisters Govetts Leap and The Fairfax Manor.

The Three Sisters play an important part in Aboriginal history and, according to legend, were once three beautiful sisters called Meehni, Wimlah, and Gunnedoo. The sisters fell in love with three brothers in the neighbouring tribe– something that was forbidden under tribal law. To rebel against the law, the brothers set out to capture the women and make them their brides. This led to a major war between the two tribes, with the entire region in battle. A witchdoctor from the sister’s tribe decided to help the women. Transforming them into stone during the battle in order to protect them. He planned to reverse the spell and bring the women back to life after the battle ended. But sadly, the witchdoctor was killed in battle, and no one else had the power to turn the women back to people. Leaving the three sisters to remain as the large rock formations for all eternity. Standing mournfully high above the Jamison Valley, never to be human again. See more photos https://www.facebook.com/WildR...