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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ride the bike myself?

Sorry we only provide chauffeured tours where you are a passenger, you can relax and take in as much of the view as posssible.

It's so hot at this time of the year, why can't I wear shorts and thongs on the bike?

For your safety and protection on the bike you must wear long pants/jeans and enclosed shoes. Because the motor and exhaust pipes on a bike are exposed it is for your protection that you need to wear pants and shoes that cover you adequately and eliminate the risk of burns.

Why do I have to let you know if I am over 95kg?

All of our bikes have a load limit. You must remember that the rider and yourself are included in the weight on the bike and we need to know so we can organise an appropriate rider and bike for your comfort and safety. Anyone over 95kg must ride on a trike, our single bike riders have the right to refuse without refund or re booking anyone over 95kg for safety reasons.

Can I take my own camera and take photos?

Yes you certainly can. Our riders also take along their cameras so we can add your ride to our Photo Gallery. Any photos we take are available to you free of charge - you just need to email us with your details.

What happens if it is raining on the day of my ride?

If it's raining your rider will call you at least 1 hour prior to your pick up time, if rider can not contact you after multiple times they are instructed to leave for pick up, once rider leaves there is no refund or re booking. At this time he will either cancel the ride because of the rain if dangerous, if not dangerous you will be asked to make the decision if your tour goes ahead, our riders ride to the conditions. If you decide not to do the tour, the rider will let the office know and you can ring in to re-book. If you decide to go ahead with the tour then the rider will proceed and come and get you. If you change your mind after this time the ride will not be re-booked. NO refund can be given once you let the rider know you would like to go ahead with the tour no matter the weather when they arrive at the pick up. If raining on the day and you would like to cancel early please call 1300 783 338 or 041 041 8740 to cancel earlier than 1 hour prior to pick up.

Is there a surcharge for Public Holidays or night rides?

No. Our prices are the same no matter what day you book.

Do I have to pay for tolls?

No. The cost of the ride includes any tolls that may be charged on our web site tours unless stated. The only time we add the cost of the toll is if you instruct the office you want a custom built tour that includes tolls or corporate clients that have multiple groups crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I don't have a credit card. How can I pay for my tour/gift voucher?

You can pay by money order, cheque or direct deposit. Payment must still be received and cleared before your ride though.

If I order a gift voucher how soon can I get it?

We send all gift vouchers out within 24 hours of ordering. If you need it urgently we can email a full colour voucher to you within an hour. You can print it at your end and give it straight to the recipient. We can also Express Post any gift vouchers required urgently for an additional $5.

I received a gift voucher for myself and would like to share the experience with my partner. When I book can I pay for an additional bike?

Yes you certainly can. You can add more time, add additional bikes or both. When booking please mention what you would like to do and we'll let you know the additional costs involved.

I have a gift voucher that is expiring this week and there is no way I can take the ride before it expires. What can I do?

Our gift vouchers are valid for 12 months but we do understand time flies and before you know it a year has gone past. If you book the ride before the voucher expires for the following month, we will honour the voucher. If you would like to extend the voucher for a further 3 months there is a cost of $30.

I have a gift voucher that has expired. What can I do?

Unfortunately the voucher is invalid if it has already expired. If you would still like to use the voucher you will need to pay the cost of the riders wage.

I received a gift voucher but do not want to take the ride. Can I get a refund?

No. Our gift vouchers are non-refundable. They are transferable however and if you pass it on to someone else to use please just let us know so we can update our register here. If you would like to transfer it to someone else and have the voucher redone to reflect their details there is a fee of $10. The expiry date will remain the same unless you want to purchase additional months.