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Kristina's 5.5 Hour Sea Cliff Bridge, Blow Hole Tour

THANK YOU ,It felt like a great day out with a friend. Thank you Fox, for making me feel so comfortable.

Kristina enjoying a 5.5 hour tour through the Royal National Park, to Stanwell Tops , Sea Cliff Bridge, the blow Hole Kiama then a rumble out to Saddle Back Mountain look out before rumbling hone again.

Blowhole every so often, nature likes to show off, and Kiama Blowhole is the perfect place to see it. Kiama’s famous Blowhole is the largest in the world, and when the swell is running from the southeast, you’re in for a real treat. The 2.5 metres opening in the rock face has had its plumes of water recorded at heights of over 30 metres!