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Jazmin's Birthday Harley Northern Beaches Tour

Jazmin's Birthday Harley Northern Beaches Tour. Jazmin was picked up from home and taken on a great tour through Dee Why, Narrabeen, Mona Vale alomg the Wakehurst Parkway to Manly, North Head and back home again. Happy Wild Birthday Jazmin.

The Northern Beaches The area was explored in 1788 by Captain Arthur Phillip. European settlement dates from 1796 after Broken Bay was surveyed. Development was slow, due largely to the area being relatively isolated, the terrain being difficult, and access being only by ship. Land grants were made from 1810, with land used mainly for timber-getting and farming. Land remained mainly rural, with numerous small communities established. Somegrowth occurred during the 1880s and 1890s, as access was improved. Land continued to be used mainly for farming, grazing and orcharding, with some fishing, boat building and timber-cutting industries. Growth continued in the early 1900s and the interwar period, when the coastal
areas became a popular holiday destination, with many guesthouses, weekenders and holiday homes built. Significant residential development occurred from the 1950s, along with industrial and commercial
development during the 1960s and 1970s