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Bevs Bucket List Trike Tour

Wild Ride picked Ken, Donna & Bev up from home and took them on a great 2 hour tour to Katoomba & the Three Sisters before returning home.

Katoomba & Blue Mountains Scenic Tour

Why Are They Called The Three Sisters

Local Indigenous legend has it that the Three Sisters are Gunnedoo, Meehni and Wimlah, siblings who lived in the Jamison Valley as part of the Katoomba tribe. The three sisters were said to have fallen in love with three brothers from the neighbouring Nepean tribe. However, marriage to the three brothers was forbidden by local tribal law.Unhappy with this outcome, the three Nepean brothers decided to capture the three sisters and take them back to their tribe for marriage. A bloody tribal war ensued, and to save the three sisters from capture and carnage, a local Katoomba elder placed a spell on the sisters, turning them into stone.Unfortunately, the elder was soon killed in the fighting, and no one had the power to bring the sisters back to their human forms. Thus they were rendered in time, and are the Three Sisters you see in the Blue Mountains today.