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Grand View Travel
Today we took 16 passengers for a great Bondi tour, we picked them up from their hotel rumbled through the City then onto Bondi where they took some great photos on the bikes, from here we returned to their hotel through Rose Bay, Double Bay & Edgecliff.
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AIA Visiting Sydney
Over 2 days Wild Ride Australia moved over 138 passengers, they had a great ride they went on our 3 bridges tour over the Harbour Bridge, Gladesville Bridge and A.N.Z.A.C Bridge, passengers were dropped off at Different locations Taronga Zoo and Sydney University. As you can see by the photos everyone had a great time.
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Inbounders Having A Wild Time
we picked up 15 in bounders and took them on a City Bondi tour they seen the beautiful sights of Sydney the Wild Ride way, hopefully they will be bringing a heap of guests to Sydney next time.
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EML Payments
What a great ride we picked up 8 passengers from Katoomba Echoes and took them on a 2 hour rumble through the mountains we hit the winding bends of the cause way to Bells then cut in through Sheedys Gully, Hassans Wall to Little Hartley, our drink stop was the Manor House which was built for John Fairfax after a quick drink we rumbled back to Echoes.
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French Tourist Visiting Sydney
I was with Pat. It was greatful and I enjoyed it so much. I hope to do a new ride again one day in the future. Thanks for this unforgetable moment.

That was awesome ! Thanks.
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Tour guides from China testing out Wild Ride
We took a few guides from China on our City sights tour these guys are bringing 400 tourist to Sydney this year, they were impressed wiith the bikes and trikes, these guides decide what their clients do while in Sydney, they loved the tour.
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Insurance Brokers from Malaysia
We moved 80 passengers in 2 days what a great ride with multiple pick ups including Star Casino, Marriott, Sydney Sky Tower passengers were taken over the Harbour Bridge around Jeffry St wharf to blues point for a photo stop then back to their drop off points.
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Desination NSW Singapore Famil
These guys are here from Singapore they are all guides and have the potential to bring a lot of tourists to Sydney, Destination NSW got Wild Ride to showcase Sydney the best way their is on Harleys these guys had a great ride.
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12 Guides doing a Famil of Sydney
We picked up 12 guides and took them for a great ride from Rose Bay to Vaucluse, Watsons Bay, Bondi then back to Rose Bay. We showcased the eastern Beaches to them so they may bring tourist to Sydney.
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30 students from India
What a great ride these students from India just finished a tour of the SCG when they were told the next event was a push bike ride, they were so excited to see a line of Harleys and trikes waiting for them, once they jumped on we headed through Kings Cross over the Harbour Bridge to Blues Point then to their lunch destination in Darling Harbour, Thanks to Keshav and the team from Vibrant Holidays
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120 passengers in 3 hour all guests of Cannon
Great ride today these guys won an incentive holiday they all work for cannon India, we took 3 groups of 40 passengers for a great ride through Edgecliff, Double Bay, Rose Bay Watsons Bay and Bondi.
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AXA Sydney Sights Tour 400 passengers in one day
what a great day these guys from AXA got a trip to Australia we moved 400 passengers in total taking groups of fifty people over the Harbour Bridge, around Jeffry St Wharf to blues Point then back to the hotel, as you can see every one had a great time
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Unilever Food Solutions MEPS, My Golden Ticket
Here is Wild Ride moving over 100 passengers in a few groups from pick up we headed over the Harbour Bridge then back over the Bridge around Mrs Macquarie's Chair back to the pick up we done this continually till all 120 passengers had the same ride, well done to all the riders.
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Showcasing Sydney
Wild Ride took 14 Reps for a ride showing them the sights of Syney these guys have the potential to bring thousands of visitors to Sydney in 2017, what better way to see Sydney then with Wild Ride
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BOC Life Hong Kong
Wild Ride took over 30 passengers for a 2 hour ride these guys are visiting from Hong Kong what a great ride they had on our 3 bridges modified tour over the Harbour Bridge, Gladesville Bridge & A.N.Z.A.C Bridge with a stop at Blues point to take in the great view of The Harbour bridge then a stop at Lady Maquaries Chair, as you can see smiles all round.
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Pirelli Tyres Australia
Wild Ride picked 20 passengers up from their lunch venue and took them on a great ride through Katoomba, Meadlow Bath & Blackheath before stopping at the Brides Vale then for the return ride we rumbled through Leura to the hotel
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Metro Hotel Team Building Ride
Good Morning Sylvio Thank you for the great day yesterday. I was really impressed by both the professionalism and ease of the booking process and the quality of the actual ride. Amongst other things, being ready for our go-time, the presentation of the machines(!) and the riders themselves, helping make our group at-ease and fully enjoy the day. We must do it again, and will look forward to recommending you to everyone who will listen to us Cheers Simon
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NSK'S 1 Hour Blue Mountain Tour
NSK went on a great 1 hour Blue Mountains ride we picked them up from the Scenic Railway headed to Hydro Majestic for photos then to Leura before heading back to Skyway.
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Bondi City Rumble
We took 10 passengers from America for a great ride we picked them up from Bondi Beach crused through Rose Bay, Double Bay to Macquarie's Chair then over the Harbour Bridge before returning them to their hotel
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30 French visitors
What a holiday 30 visitors from France seeing Australia in 2 weeks we were part of there adventure, we picked them up from Circular Quay rumbled out to Bondi where we stoped for some photos then we headed to their hotel in Kings Cross via Rose Bay, Double Bay & Edgecliff
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