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Samanthas Hens Night
Vanessa organised a Surprise Harley ride for Samantha to help kick off her hens night, Charlie picked Samantha up and took her on a 1 hour City sights tour
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Joannes Hens Night
Another great night started with Postie taking Joanne on a great ride to start her hens night.
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Fiona's Hens Night
What a night 12 girls on a hens night they started the night with a Chopper 4 trike ride through the City and Manly.
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Sarah's Hens Night
Nadine organised for the girls to go on a 1 hour a City sights tour to start Sarahs Hens weekend off, the girls had a great time so we can say the hens night started with rolling thunder.
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Becky's Hens Night
Fabulous night. Thanks very much.
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Jacinta's Hens Night
What a great way to start the night, Phil picked Jacinta up and took her on a 30 minute rumble from home to Bilgola & back again.
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Trish's Chopper 4 Hens Ride
Woo Hoo the girls got trish a great 30 minute Chopper 4 ride as a part of her Hens Night.
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Cherie's Hens Ride
Cherie went for a Wild Ride as part of her Hens night celebrations
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Pamela's Hens Day
What a great way to start a Hens Day with a 1 hour City sights tour, we rumbled over the Harbour Bridge then then around Mrs Maquaries Chair through Kings Cross before retuning to the hotel,Pamela,Rouba,Vallery Bernadette,Krystal & Zeina had a great time on 3 Chopper 4 trikes, Good luck on the wedding Day Pamela from Wild Ride.
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Libby's Hens Ride
Rob picked Libby up and took her on a great 30 minute ride to start off her Wild hens night.
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Amandas Hens Night
What a way to get the night started Anna organised for Charlie to pick Amanda up take her on a ride through Bondi then drop her back off to party.
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Jasmins Hens Ride
Charlie picked Jasmin up & took her for a great ride to start the festivities of her hens night.
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Lace's Hens Ride
Cass, Jaala, Nat, Bec, Danni & Lace were picked up by the Wild Ride boys from Freash water & taken on a great City tour before returning & starting Lace's Hens night.
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Becks Hens Ride
Beck and the girls had a great ride from Mosman rumbled down the Wakehurst Parkway along the beach front back to Mosman.
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Joalas Hens Ride
Sandy organised for Gad, Breezy & Syl to pick her, Valerie, Carol & Joala up & tke them on a great City Sights Tour.
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Katrinas Hens Night
Alison organised 5 bikes to take Katrina & the girls for a great city sights tour over The Harbour Bridge around Lady Maquaries Chair through the Cross back to the drop off, this was a great way to start the night.
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Michelles Surprise Hens Night
Jennifer organised for Mark to ring the door bell & kidnap Michelle. He then took her on a great city by lights tour.
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Ilenas Hens Night
What a way to start your hens night with a wild ride city Sights Tour, Ilena & the girls had a great ride over the Bridge through the Cross and much more. All the best Ilena on your wedding day.
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Lindas Hens Ride With Wild Ride
Linda organised a great ride for her and the girls with Wild Ride the guys picked them up from the city and took them on a greaty city sights tour.
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Wild Ride One Of The Best In The World
Wild Ride has just appeared in a world wide publication Hogs & Highways. Wild Ride is up their next to Route 66,Toronto & Niagra Falls, Ace Cafe London, Thunder in the Glens just to name a few. So you can be assured that you are dealing with the best when you book with Wild Ride, Wild Ride would like to thank all our riders passengers past present and future for making this possibe.
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