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Stephans Bucks Night
What a way to start the night, the boys were pick up on 4 Harleys they then went on a great 1 hour ride before being dropped off
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Davids Bucks Night
What a way to start the night we picked the boys up from dinner, took them on a great 1 hour ride then dropped them off
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Nicko;as Bucks Night
Adrian organised a Surprise pick up for Nicholas to start his bucks night all he was told was to be ready at a certain tie Wild Ride done the rest, this is always a great way to get the groom into the mood for a big night.
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Matts ride To His Bucks Night
Wolf & Syl picked Matt & Roger up from Penrith & took them on a great ride along the M4 stopping for some photos then taking them onto the Pyrmont Hotel where they met the other guys before heading on Matts Bucks night.
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Wild Ride One Of The Best In The World
Wild Ride has just appeared in a world wide publication Hogs & Highways. Wild Ride is up their next to Route 66,Toronto & Niagra Falls, Ace Cafe London, Thunder in the Glens just to name a few. So you can be assured that you are dealing with the best when you book with Wild Ride, Wild Ride would like to thank all our riders passengers past present and future for making this possibe.
Steve & Al To The Ceremony
Rachael organised this surprise ride for her groom Steve and his bestman Al to their wedding ceremony.
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Steven & Michael - to The Wedding
Steven's bride-to-be and his mum organised this surprise Harley ride with Rob & Zedd to his wedding to Bronwyn. Congrats guys!
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Paul and groomsmen to wedding
Hayley organised for her groom Paul and his groomsmen to be picked up on the Harleys and taken for a short ride before heading to their wedding ceremony.
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David To His Wedding!
Katie organised for Sean's Harley to pick up her groom David as a surprise. He certainly arrived at their wedding in style.
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Brett & his groomsmen to Riverside Oaks
Jacqui booked 4 Harleys to pick up her groom and his groomsmen and take them to the ceremony at Riverside Oaks.
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Matthew's Bucks Day
Luke booked a 1 hour Harley ride for his brother Matthew to kick start his Bucks Day in style.
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A surprise for groom Kristian and groomsmen
A surprise for groom Kristian and groomsmen Gary & Kane. We were asked to get the boys there on time in style :) Creese, Loui and Paul did just that.
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Joe's Harley Ride To His Wedding
Lynn booked one of our Harleys to take her son Joe to his wedding in the Blue Mountains in style!
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Brad & Groomsmen Photos & Ride
Brad and his groomsmen had plenty of photos with the Harleys before and after their ride on his wedding day.
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Luke and The Boys To Church
The Wild Ride boys were there to ensure Luke and his groomsmen arrived at church for his wedding in style. At stop at his parents allowed everone to have a photo with the Harleys!
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David & the boys off to the wedding
David & the boys off to the wedding David and the boys enjoyed a Harley ride to the wedding ceremony in Bexley. 11/2/06
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The Boys on there way to the church
The Boys on there way to the church
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Sam and his groomsmen to the ceremony
Wild Ride made sure Sam and the boys made it to his wedding ceremony in the Chinese Gardens at Auburn on time.
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The Groom Glen ride to the church
Glen ride to the church
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Rob on his bucks day.
Good Luck with it all Rob
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